Apr. 5th, 2016

Crisp? Cubed, perhaps?

Nootrobox Inc. has come out with a product called Go Cubes, chewable gummies that contain as much caffeine per cube as half a cup of coffee. I don't know if that's half a cup as in 125 ml., half a regular-sized Tim's Dishwater Blend or half a grandissimo espresso. It'll probably catch on at least as a novelty item, similar to the "astronaut ice cream" (which bore no resemblance taste-wise to the real thing) they used to sell at toy stores. Maybe it could be served at Pi Day Coffee Circle, in keeping with the geometric theme. But is it of some practical value too?

I can think of a couple of uses. If you want to stay wide awake during the complete Ring cycle (be it the Wagner operas or all of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films) without having to miss half the action as you pop out to the loo and wring YOURSELF out, then Go Cubes are the way to go - without "going".

Ditto for transatlantic flights where you're scrunched into the middle seat and can't get to the washroom without disrupting your neighbour - that's assuming they'll ALLOW you to leave your seat, which they don't during takeoff, landing or turbulence. But you'll need to be extra-alert once you reach your destination, even though you're dimly aware you've lost your night en route. I mean, how else are you going to understand all those trick questions they ask you at the border, or remember to pick up all your baggage and important documents you need to bring with you when you get through the airport? And you probably don't want to just go to your hotel and crash for several hours, because then you'll be wide awake and raring to go by midnight in your new time zone!

Most of the time, I plan to get my coffee the good old-fashioned way, so I can enjoy the taste and the ritual of sitting down with my papers and puzzles. But for special situations like those I outlined above, I might give Go Cubes a go.

Will that be one lump or two?



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