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More on my puzzling life

Nearly five years ago (can you believe it??) I wrote a post entitled "My Puzzling Life". Several years later, I'm still something of a puzzle addict. Most mornings. we go for a walk and pick up the Metro, which has a Sudoku and a Crossword. 24 Hours (English and French) are no longer published in Ottawa. The Citizen is now 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday) and I always do the Jumble, the Sudoku, the Kenkens and the Canadian Cyberquote. I also like to pick up occasional puzzle book in which I do the Frameworks/Kriss-Krosses, StretchLetters and Cryptoquizzes/Cryptoclans. Online, I do the daily "Nightmare" Sudoku, the 7X7 KenKen (I think it appeals to me because it's the highest 1-digit prime-number) and just recently, the brand-new 2048 puzzle. So far, the highest score I've attained is somewhere just above 20,000 - I've managed to score two 1024's (as well as some 512's and 256's 1nd 128's) but haven't yet managed to put them together to make a 2048. Once I actually manage to win a 2048, my enthusiasm for the puzzle may wane, but we shall see...
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Somebody will release 32768 and you'll catch the bug, I'm sure :)